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News / daily news about windenergy and windpower

The New York Times -- Windpower
Renewable Energy Focus
Wind Power
Renewable Energy World
Offshore Renewables
Energy Boom Wind
The Grid Single market grid / EWEA

Electricity traders

European Federation of Energy Traders

Highlights of Windenergy / potential unsubsidized Windenergy

New Zealand Wind Energy Association
Viking Energy
Burradale Windfarm on Shetland/ average capacity factor of 52 %
Island wind projects: Aruba , Falklands, Norway, Antarctica.

Wind turbines latest developments

Siemens 6 MW direct drive windturbine (German)
Vestas 7 MW windturbine
Enercon 7.5 MW windturbine / Windblatt
Gamesa 4.5 MW
Nordex 6 MW offshore windturbine
Siemens direct drive 3 MW windturbine / onshore and offshore
Repower 6.15 MW offshore turbine
Sinovel 6 MW turbine for offshore purpose (june 2011)
Sway deep water floating 5 - 10 MW offshore turbine (development)

Technical information windturbines

Windpower Engineering


Windfarms database

Windfarms onshore

Estinnes Windpark 7.5 MW Enercon wind turbines

Windfarms offshore

Belwind offshore windfarm / short building time

Highlights in electricity production by the power of wind

IOWA (US) electricity productions
Spain windpower covers 21 % of demand in march 2011
Spain record input (42%) of windpower in the grid

Global Data on windpower

Installed windpower at 31 december 2010
Windpower production /renewable electricity

The price of wind power

Prices of windenergy in publications 2011


World of Windenergy
Bundesverband WindEnergie (B.W.E) Language Enlish
Bundesverband WindEnergie (B.W.E) Language German

World Wind Energy Association

Global Wind Energy Council,  GWEC (GWEC-Campagne)
World Wind Energy Institute
Windenergy, the facts

Wikipedia Australien Wind Energy Association
Austria Interessen Gemeinschaft Windenergie Canada, Eole

Canadian Wind Energie Ass., CANWEA

Chinese Wind Energy Association

Danmark Vindmolleforening (Danish)

Danmark Vindmolleforening (English)

Egyptian Wind Energy Association

European Wind Energie Ass. , EWEA

Finnish Wind Energy Ass

German Market, All Adresses

Irish Wind Energy Association

Italian National Windenergy Association

Latin American Windenergy Ass.

Mexican Wind Energy Association

Netherlands: N.W.E.A.    

Polish Wind Energy Association

Russian Association of Wind Industry

African Wind Energy Association

Spanish Wind Energy Association
Swedish Windpower Organization

Swiss Wind Energy Organisation

U.K.: RenewableUK

 Vlaamse Windenergie Associatie (Dutch)


Manufacturers Organisations and wind turbine producers


Danish Wind Industry Association

Indian Windturbine Manufacturers


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